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On Site Fuel Company (OSFC), a division of Graus Inc,TM was established in 2006. We began as a small family owned Fleet fueling service for trucks and construction equipment servicing the immediate Albuquerque area.  Since its inception, we have made customer service our number-one priority, and we take pride in not having missed a single delivery. Over time, we have branched out and expanded our business model and geographical territory.

In 2011, we began providing fuel delivery services to customers requiring emergency power, enabling operational sustainment and continuity.  Since we always have fuel on-hand in one of our many trucks, emergency fueling was the next logical transition. In 2015 we began delivering larger quantities of fuel via tanker, including gasoline. We soon found that our customers’ needs had grown well beyond that of our original business model.   So in 2016 we started a transportation division to accompany our fleet fueling services.  Whether it is above or below ground, small or large; we can help your company meet all foreseeable fueling requirements.

On-Site Fuel Company has changed the way our customers do business. Simply put, instead of wasting time and losing productivity making trips to the fueling station – we bring the station to you. We offer a 24/7 full-spectrum range of services to all types of business and industry, and with multiple suppliers, we pass the savings on to you.  Whether it be regularly scheduled services or an emergency, we have the ability to deliver the smallest of quantities, and/or entire truck loads direct to your site – so that you can rest easy and focus on your core business.

Our commitment, focus, dedication and attention to detail revolve around serving your every-day fueling needs.

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