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Generator / Emergency Fueling

On-Site Fuel Company (OSFC) provides quality products and services in any weather or situation; including harsh conditions, natural disaster or man-made disruption that requires your company’s emergency generators to be fully fueled, and at a constant state of readiness at all times.

We offer on-time, reliable, dependable and professional 24/7 dispatch for emergency readiness fuel delivery services.

Since 2010, OSFC has furnished industry-best emergency readiness re-fueling services to New Mexico and the surrounding southwestern region.

Our customers and applications include: public sector hospitals, emergency clinics, city, county, state and the federal government sites, educational institutions, municipalities and utilities. Private sector applications include small, medium and large enterprises of all types and of varying industries; such as nursing homes, healthcare facilities, aerospace, industrial and manufacturing, food and beverage, gas and oil production, mining, ground,  or rail transportation, and/or any business requiring fuel re-supply for continuity and emergency readiness.

Since our founding, OSFC has maintained an exceptional safety record. We uphold and maintain currency with all city, state and federal compliance requirements for storing and transporting hazardous and flammable liquids.  Our company prides itself in meeting and/or exceeding industry compliance requirements.

Our company takes pride in our community and regularly participates in a variety of community causes, charities and non-profit organizations.  In short, we are invested and dedicated to the growth, prosperity and long-term well being of our neighboring businesses and the populace residing in the community at large.

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We will package a range of cost competitive products and service options to meet your needs.

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