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Fleet Fueling

Large or small enterprises, local or over the road transport – we provide the highest quality fueling products and services at the most competitive rates delivered anytime to your site.

On-Site Fuel Company (OSFC) is the premier fleet fueling service in the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico area. We take pride in our superior fuel-delivery service by providing compliance, convenience, safety and added value to our customers.

Our professional drivers are industry rated, and industry-certified in the handling, delivery and management of refined petroleum products. We understand our customers’ needs and create customized services to furnish fuel products to your place of business or worksite.

OSFC sources the best fuel prices and utilizes fuel price averaging strategies to eliminate the guesswork associated with industry-typical, roller coaster price indexing and purchasing challenges.

Driver time and mile savings, along with the controls and accountability built into our computerized reports and billing system makes On-Site Fuel Company your single-source, best choice. That, along with the value of convenience and increased productivity you gain using our tailored-service optimized solutions packaging. We deliver fuel straight to your fleet – during downtime, in-service shift, or round-the-clock; ensuring your fleet is in a constant state of readiness year-round.

On-Site Fuel Company will simplify your fleet-fueling needs so you can focus on your bottom line:

  • Eliminate wasted time and driver miles beyond their daily routes to fuel up – we come straight to your yard or place of business!
  • Save money, increase your productivity by eliminating per truck waiting on long lines at the fueling pump.
  • No more worries regarding questionable purchases, missing fuel receipts or liability issues with On-Site Fuel Company. We track, document and furnish state-of-the-art computerized transaction and accountability record keeping for every delivery.

With DOT time regulations and expensive driver labor time; convenience is an important budgetary consideration. Wet hosing does not require drivers’ time to fuel their trucks. This allows drivers and their employers to maximize productivity during shift time. OSFC wet hosing is a convenience to business because it is by definition – mobile. Construction companies get their equipment and revenue generating ventures wet-hosed at their job site – irrespective of location.  This is important to the end-user, as job sites can be miles from the nearest fuel source or station.

Day or night, OSFC offers our customers a lower risk and higher profit margin proposition by bringing fuel to fixed, or mobile sites. Whether a single, or 100 vehicles, our dedicated team of experts will assist you by providing tailored fueling services which meet the dynamic needs of your business.

We sell, furnish, deliver and service for above ground tanks, containments, pumps and meters; a full-spectrum of 24/7services to improve your productivity and grow your bottom line. This means more time on or over the road instead of the waste associated with fueling your own vehicles.

Our company will provide your solution for fueling; whether your needs span temporary on-site fueling, periodic fueling services due to maintenance or upgrades, or for year-round  scheduled fueling.

Contact us for a no-cost assessment of your fueling requirements.

We will package a range of cost competitive products and service options to meet your needs.

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